When You Dump Coffee on Your Laptop Keyboard

Yep, we’ve all done it. (Right? No, really, we have, right?) The intention is to keep your laptop safe, dry and, well, working… yet there comes that moment when you’re not quite paying enough attention, and you manage to dump tea, water, coffee on laptop keyboard. Now what?!


Yep, that’s what I did. I panicked. I was in a lovely little coffee shop along Robson Street in Vancouver, Canada. When my focus slipped, my tea ended up drowning my work mate, aka, my trusty laptop.  I immediately ran off to grab some napkins to dry the mess up. 

Future Self says: Unplug the laptop first, before you do anything. 

Stay Positive

“Oh, your laptop is ruined!” commented a nearby patron. “I’m sure it’ll all be fine,” I replied, and refused to think anything else. Yes, liquid was literally pouring out of my laptop when I held it up to see the damage. I still knew, I mean, really knew, everything would be fine.

Future Self says: Way to love yourself! This was the single best thing you could have done in the moment.

Use Your Phone or Other, Unaffected Electronic Device

I immediately went online, once the major liquid had drained off, to see if there was anything else I could do. I’ll spare you the 40 minutes of searching: get it in a large plastic, sealable bag with some cheap white rice, and let it sit at least a day. It’ll help dry out all the bits and pieces, and you’ll (likely) save yourself major damage.

Future Self says: Yep, also wise advice, although it would’ve been nice to save that 40 minutes and just do whatever you felt inspired to do, first (which incidentally was exactly this).

Hurry Up and Wait

I had to make myself busy for a few days to let everything dry out properly. Impatient Bonny couldn’t wait (I was on deadline!) and had to see if everything worked after about 16 hours.

Um. So… yeah. Blue screen of death. Fuggetaboutit.

Future Self says: Patience, my dear. 

Turn It On

Two days later, I try again. This time, everything booted up beautifully. Only catch? I couldn’t log in because two of my keys (T, Y) weren’t working at all, and a few others were still playing games in the tea (push D, get DF for instance). I went and removed all the keys, cleaned out all the gunk, saw there was still a bit of moisture left, and so it went back in the bag.

Future Self says: Listen to your intuition, my Love. You knew if you waited, it would be fine. You didn’t listen to yourself.

Fix It

So, still the keys aren’t 100% and it’s been a few weeks. What’s a girl to do, while she waits for a new keyboard? (Yes, you can order them online, who knew?) She goes and buys herself a USB keyboard, and it works beautifully. In fact, she loves it so very much, she doesn’t want to go back to her old keyboard.

Oh yea, and the best part? There’s a mouse in this one, and it’s water resistant. ;)

Future Self dances with joy, because it really did all work out in the end. 

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